Ghetto chic hair braiding for the classy and the dapper.  Kids welcome. $10 introductory rate when clients arrive with hair already washed. Schedule your next appointment ONLINE or call 312.256.6647 and ask for B. Alley! You can also email us at:
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Our Mission


Back Alley Hair is an underground initiative started by the Rebecca Everlene Trust Company, to provide hair assistance for those who have fallen on hard times. Just because the economy is bad, it doesn’t mean that ladies and kids have to look the part; gentlemen either if they wear fashionable braids. The Fairy God-Stylist seeks to spare talented individuals some of the shame associated with living on a tight budget. She also understands that appearance can make or break a child’s confidence and self-esteem. Whether a client has an interview, or a mom wants to treat her child to a princess braiding session, we are here to shut those meddling coworkers up and make their jaws drop. Back Alley Hair—affordable Back Alley Chic for the classy and the dapper.

Since 1994